Manifestation - Ask, Believe, Receive

I want it, I got it!

Have you ever listened to the words of the Ariana Grande song, 7 Rings? She sings about how she gets what she wants. On the surface it could appear to be the ramblings of another rich girl, however the sentiments are the same as the Law of Attraction, otherwise known as manifestation or perhaps The Secret as Rhonda Byrne termed it.

I didn’t think of it so much as a secret because it was something I practiced even before I knew what it was.

Rolling back to many years ago and I’m talking about when I was a kid, I knew that I wanted to own my own home and I wanted to make my own money, to the point when other girls joked that they wanted to marry someone rich I’d respond that I wanted to be rich myself. There was a shed in our back garden that I used to decorate and pretend that it was my home. I also used to walk past a row of houses and want one like those. They were maisonettes and I just liked the look of them. Rolling forward about 15 years on once I was able to get into my second job, which paid well I decided to buy one of those homes. I kept my focus and managed to buy before house prices went sky high. This progressed when I decided to move near to an ex-boyfriend of mine though I wasn’t ready to move in with him I looked for properties that were closer and moved into a Tudor style house, which was something else that I had always loved. Unfortunately, things took a downturn with work especially as it was around the 2000 millennium stage which was a very shaky time at work and I found myself moving again. My ex and I couldn’t see a future together, so I moved to my current home and have been here ever since. I loved that it was light and airy, which is something else that I had visualised for a long term.

The key thing with all of this is that it is about ask, believe, and receive. If you are religious it is like the prayers we offer up, however as others are not it can be considered asking the Universe. It is important to do what is right for you.

Manifestations come in the form of visualisation even if you have a vision board, which you can create using images from magazines or an app like Pinterest, which personally I love.

Many people wonder about meeting the person of their dreams, which has become tougher as time has gone on and we live in a faster moving society. However here I enlisted the help of a coach and amazing speaker Michael James who runs Law of Attraction workshops. By this time I had come across the work of Abraham Hicks, who admittedly people have mixed feelings about, however Michael ran a workshop, which was about finding love. I thought what have I got to lose by going? Only two months later I met the man who is now my husband. We’ve now been together for eight years, married for three and have a cute and feisty son who is six.

These days I work on manifesting shedding weight and increasing my finances and I’m getting there slowly and surely.

Remember these three key things:

Ask for what you want.

Have faith and believe that you will receive this and

Receive with thanks. A gratitude practice is helpful here.

Leanne de Araujo (nee Marshall) trained in 2012-13 with Apple yoga to become a 240 hrs certified yoga teacher.  Her love for yoga started as a child when she would take books from her mother’s bookcase some of which were yoga based.  This followed on learning the Sun Salutations in school and then practicing on and off for years.  As a result for her passion for learning and teaching she gained her teacher training qualification, was blessed with a son a year later in 2014 and then started teaching in 2016 building up her classes around opportunities in the Sutton, Wimbledon and Leatherhead areas among others. 

She is currently taking a break from teaching during the lockdown and using the time to write more and home schooling her six year old son and looks forward to teaching when the opportunity presents itself again.

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